Teaching innovation center

Granada, Spain
Universidad Politécnica de
June 2015

When the proposal of this project was given to us, we had to analyze carefully and discover what we were requested to do. We found ourselves with a project about a center of educational innovation, and this encourages you to discover, investigate and explore that world so unknown for us. But there was something I was sure of. I had
to break with the current standards, with the regulated systems that we know today. I had
to innovate.
After a studying the different educational methods that exist today I remain with a great
concept, “strengthen relations”, and that the best way to carry it out that transparency?
On the other hand, we realized the plot of land is situated in a very pronounced inclination
of the field, so at all times I wanted to unite the two sides in a fluid way, enhancing the
relations between city and the University. Bringing together the two ideas and the
influence of climate, from where we are located, emerges that parallel plane to the
slope with a large thermal inertia, allowing greater freedom in the enclosing walls. To
generate the least visual impact possible it will arise a vegetative cover that helps control the transmittance.
Ultimately those relationships that we wanted to enhance achieved through fluidity and
dynamism that it brings the inclined plane which forms the base of the building.


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