El jardín de Llubí Competition

Valencia, Spain
Feb. 2017

The nursery is raised as a new garden for the village. It adapts to the topography with slopes where the children can play favouring the mobility in the early ages of development.

The building is organized with a gradation of the most public towards the most private, understanding this the classrooms of the smallest, the closest to the street would be the administration and the classroom of multiple activities. The interior would be a flexible space thanks to the panels-furniture, with which you can transform the space allowing the children to discover and manipulate them.

The main materials respect the dialogue with the traditional architecture of the area, with wooden carpentry and ceramic solar protections.

An alternative proposal to the traditional educational system was proposed, classrooms organized by activities and not by age with a much more flexible distribution.

Collaboration with Carla Sentieri Omarrementería, professor at the ETSA in Valencia and Alba Cariñena.

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