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On this page you can find my most recent work. I consider myself a creative, active and sociable person. I believe facing new challenges is a chance to learn. I always strive to the maximum and I love to continue discovering and exploring. People around us help us to grow, inspire and improve, that’s the reason I am motivated to work in teams. Shared thinking turns ideas into something powerful.

I enjoy traveling, meeting new people and cultures, understand their ways of life and all that capture through another of my passions, photography.




Work Experience
  • OKK +
    Architect. Stockholm, August 2018 – Act.
  • Inversora Promotora Albeo S.L.
    Design and drawing of drafts and planning of different projects. Valencia, June 2017 – Jan. 2018
  • Sentieri Arquitectos
    Collaborator with the studio. Valencia, Aug. 2016 – Jan. 2018
    – Design and control of projects in all phases
    – Study and creation of budgets
    – Collaboration in different contests of design and architecture
    – Design and layout of publications, websites, posters…
    – Organization of different events and workshops
    – Research on different subjects related to architecture, childhood and health
  • CTAV. Arquitectos de Valencia
    Photographer for the exhibition and publication about the architect Fernando Moreno Barberá. Valencia, Dec. 2017
    Communication, logistic and event photographer. Collaboration with Alba Cariñena, Jordi Martínez and Carla Sentieri. Valencia, May – June 2017
    Communication coordinator, logistic and event photographer. Valencia, Sept 2016- April 2017
  • elCasc
    Photographer at elCASC (Social-cultural activation contest) is a festival organized by the Office of the Fabricante de espheras, the city hall of Villena and the University of Alicante. Villena, July 2016
    Communication coordinator, logistic, merchandising design and event photographer. Valencia, Sept 2015- April 2016
    Co-creator of the 1st architecture festival of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, naming, communication, logistic, design of the logo, merchandising and event photographer. Valencia, Jan-June 2015

Workshops and courses
  • Ceramic course. Valencia, June 2017- Aug. 2017
  • Rhino+Vray. Drawyourdreams. Valencia, April-May 2017
  • Revit. Basic intensive. UPV. Valencia, Feb. 2017
  • Pabellón en Movimiento. conFusion festival. Valencia, Nov. 2016
  • #CaminaMarina. CivicFactoryFest. Valencia, Nov. 2016
  • Path to Self-sufficiency. TEMPUS SESHI. Ljubljana, Sept 2016

  • Pinocchio Children’s Library
  • Organized by YAC. International open-idea competition. Collaboration with Carla Sentieri and Alba Cariñena. Jan. 2018
  • Schools Without Classrooms” 1st prize
  • Organize by ARCHASM. International open-idea competition. Collaboration with Carla Sentieri and Alba Cariñena. June 2017 +info
  • El jardín de Llubí
    Organize by the Llubí town hall, the COAIB. Collaboration with Carla Sentieri and Alba Cariñena. Jan.-Feb. 2017 +info
  • Playhouse. Huertos urbanos Benimaclet
    Organize by the Aula de Infancia y Adolescencia de la UPV, Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos y los Huertos Urbanos de Benimaclet. Collaboration with Ester Blasco, Amparo Domínguez and Álvaro Marí. Nov. 2016 +info
  • Redesign of the CSCAE logo
    Organize by the CSCAE. Collaboration with Carla Sentieri Omarrementería. Oct. 2016 +info
  • Un patio para la ETSIE” 1st prize
    Competition of Ideas. Organize by the studio of urban planning and landscape of the ETSA-UPV. May-March 2012
  • Vitoria. urbanismo, arquitectura y paisaje” 1st prize
    Photo contest. Organize by the studio of urban planning and land¬scape of the ETSA-UPV. October 2011

Publications & Exhibitions
  • “Architecture Projects: Skeppsbron” 
    Part of the team of OKK+ that worked in the proposal “YOU” . ArkDes April-June. 2019 – Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019. Sept-Nov 2019
  • “Becoming” – Biennale Architettura di Venezia
    Exhibition of the architecture festival “ETSA·TOPIA” in the Spanish Pavillion of the 16th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura di Venezia. May-Nov. 2018
  • “The architecture of Fernando Moreno Barberá”. 
    DOMÍNGUEZ, Javier and MURAD, Málek. Ed TC Cuadernos. Valencia. Jnuary 2018. Photographs about the work of the architect
  • “Fernando Moreno Barberá”
    Exhibition of the photographs about the valencian architect in the CTAV. February -March 2018
  • “Valencia: Housing and open city. Jaime Roig. History of a street”. 
    SENTIERI Omarremetería, Carla. Ed TC Cuadernos. Valencia. October 2017. Photographs, layout and redrawing
  • “Cani di Trieste”
    Publication of the Project at the web-page Wecallitstitch. March 2015
  • “Cani di Trieste”
    Self-publication. Trieste. May 2014
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz Urbanismo, Arquitectura y Paisaje
    Ed. UPV. Cover photography.Valencia. May 2012
  • “Selección de Proyectos 2011-2012”
    Departamento de proyectos arquitectónicos ETSA-UPV
  • Selección de Proyectos 2010-2011
    Departamento de proyectos arquitectónicos ETSA-UPV

    Master in architecture. 2015 – 2016
    Exchange with the Erasmus programme. Academic year 2013-2014
    Bachelor in architecture. 2010 – 2013

  • Spanish. Native
  • English. Professional working proficiency
  • Catalan. Elementary proficiency
  • Italian. Elementary proficiency
  • Swedish. In process

Lucas Vidal Momparler
e-mail: lucas.vidal.m@outlook.com
Phone: +34 695 536 479
Stockholm, Sweden
Valencia, Spain